sawbonesTeesMaxima Kahn and Randy McKean met in a writing workshop seven years ago, shortly after McKean relocated to Grass Valley from New York City.  They admired each other’s fiction, but the artistic sparks really began to fly when they discovered they both were closeted musicians with a mutual interest in free improvisation and modern classical music.  A passing reference to Ornette Coleman led to a continuing artistic collaboration that’s taken many forms over the years, primarily as the violin/reeds duo Sawbones, but also has manifested itself as album covers for mythic jazz artist Lemuel Crook, a KVMR radio work based on the writings of religious mystics, and contact improv dance jams.

When Kahn opened Heartfire Studio, a second-floor loft space in downtown Grass Valley, she and McKean decided it was the perfect place to launch an eclectic performing arts series to showcase like-minded artists from around the region, hence Col. MaCaw’s Magical Cure-All was born.